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My 10 Personal “Secrets” To Being In Great Shape

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My 10 Personal “Secrets” To Being In Great Shape

MRI machine

A few years ago I had a full-day, all-body medical test at Gaien Higashi Clinic in Tokyo. Specifically, I did the “cancer” course as my family has a history of cancer, and the best way to treat cancer is to catch it in it’s early stages.

1 hour in the MRI machine (pictured) was a bit scary, especially when they strap you in so that you can’t move at all. Claustrophobics need not apply! The rest was pretty easy though – Ultrasound, CT scans, X-rays after a big ol’ cup of Barium, plus urine, fecal and blood tests.

The clinic was extremely clean and organised, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they offer some pretty sophisticated technology for the everyday person. Oh, and they also served me a nice obento with Japanese tea after I was done.

And the results? Pretty impressive!

The head doctor walked me through each scan and set of information on a large screen. Seeing all the blood vessels in my brain rotating in 3D colour was definitely a highlight. Rolling down the inside of my body from head to toe, slice by slice thanks to the MRI scans was also intriguing.

I was shown and told that my brain, circulatory system, internal organs and bones were in great shape, and that I had “absolutely nothing of concern”.

Given that I don’t mind a drink, I kind of expected some dark patches on my liver scans, but my liver was clean and healthy. I was also pleased to see that the past few years of chiropractic adjustment had made a dramatic improvement to the neck issue I went back to Australia to have fixed in 2007. Looks pretty good now!

So, here are my 10 personal “secrets” to being in great shape at around the half-century mark :

1. 30+ years of continuous training in the martial arts (quality exercise)
2. a diet of mostly whole & organic foods combined with high-quality supplements (quality nutrition)

3. continuous hydration via a proper reverse osmosis water purifier (quality water)
4. attention to sleep environment and measurement of sleep itself (quality rest)

Healthy Robert Millar

I would say that these 4 are the bare minimum you should have to be truly well.

5. good relationships with immediate family and close friends (love, baby, love!)
6. regular breathing exercises and, for me, regular meditation (stress management)

I would say that if you can get these top 6 right, you pretty much have health and well-being mastered.

7. weekly fasting and, for me, colonic irrigation every year or so (quality detoxification)
8. regular Chiropractic adjustment (quality structure)
9. entrepreneurship (development of creativity and contribution)
10. continuous self-education on pretty much everything to do with health, well-being and personal growth (see the previous 9 points!)

So how about you? How many of the points above do you subscribe to?