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Peter Attia Book Review: An In-Depth Look at Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity

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When researching mental health, physical health, and alternatives to mainstream medicine, you might ask, “Have you pre-ordered the Peter Attia book?

Also known as Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity, this book is an incredible piece of writing revolving around the science of longevity from a bestselling author.

In fact, it is slated to be a number-one release in the non-fiction category of Aging, Medical Conditions, and Diseases.

Deciding whether a book is worth an investment is more than relying on the words of others in the same industry.

Instead, it’s best to look at anonymous comments, the truthfulness behind the book’s medical advice, and the author’s reputation.

In this review, we’ll look at all facets of Peter Attia’s content to help you decide whether Outlive is worth the hype.

A Brief Review of Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity

It is well-known in the topic of health that your physical health has plenty to do with your mental and emotional health.

When looking for a manual for longevity, it is important to develop a proactive strategy to help you refine your lifestyle.

This is where this book comes into play.

Also referred to as a type of health manifesto, Outlive helps readers develop an operating manual for their health outside of traditional medicine.

By taking a new approach to aging and preventing chronic disease, you will extend your potential lifespan and focus more on long-term health.

The best part is that all of the steps and information in this book are written and developed by Peter Attia, MD, a physician and expert in human longevity.

Now, what takes this book a step further is that Attia refuses to acknowledge anything within the pages as biohacking, an often disputed alternative health treatment option.

Instead, the strategy for longevity within these pages is deeply rooted in science, focusing on the reader’s physical, emotional, and cognitive health.

You will find answers to some important questions like:

  • Why is exercise as important as it is?
  • Why is it time to leave diets in the past and focus on nutritional biochemistry?
  • How could your preexisting health conditions be affecting your aging process?
  • What tests should your doctor administer to check the truth about your overall health?

What Is the Purpose of Outlive?

It’s easy to see how this book is designed as a type of doctrine that followers of Peter Attia are sure to buy and follow step-by-step.

Of course, this is one demographic the author targets, but he also wants to make the content easily digestible to the general public.

Numerous readers will learn fabulous insights into their health and how to apply critical thinking to adjust their lifestyle choices.

With Outlive, readers can maximize their healthspan with scientific-backed tips and tricks and recommendations from healthcare professionals.

Dr. Peter Attia reviews the principles of medicine to help extend your human life beyond its original capabilities, all thanks to a better understanding of your biochemistry.

Above all else, it is designed to be an actionable manual to guide you through revolutionizing the way you look at your health. 

One facet I found most interesting is that Outlive may have the potential to help educate me on illness and how to work toward preventing certain diseases.

It’s true when we think conventional medicine practices have yet to cure many aging diseases, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and even type 2 diabetes.

In most instances, patients face a miserable life because the illness is caught too late to do anything about it.

Instead of falling victim to a lower quality of life, Dr. Peter Attia’s book can help you work towards a better version of yourself.

Of course, it is not meant to replace all forms of conventional medicine, like immune-based therapies or treatment from a surgical oncology fellow.

Rather, the information within the book should offer optimal medical advice to fight against common aging diseases.

A Review of My Longevity Tactics

Aside from his upcoming novel, Dr. Peter Attia is also well-known for his five-day course called My Longevity Tactics.

This was the fundamental project for those looking to learn more about nutritional interventions to assist with ailments like heart disease.

Within the program, you will review the five essential steps to prolonging your longevity, from what you should eat to what your body needs to sustain itself.

There are numerous tenets I dove into during my readings, including insulin resistance, improving my overall sleep, boosting my cognitive health, and promoting a positive behavioral change.

From there, I passed the knowledge onto my clients, assisting them with improving their nutrition, exercise, and emotional health with tips backed by science.

Along with a subscription to the five-day program, you will also receive access to Peter’s podcast, his weekly email, and all features of the website.

What About the Peter Attia Podcast?

Image Source

If there is one thing to be said about the trove of information I’ve found under Peter Attia’s wing, it is that he takes a nouveau approach to long-term health and medical practice.

I have sat and listened to my fair share of medical podcasts, many of which feel like audio recordings of the textbooks I read while in school.

Attia takes a better approach with The Drive, a more modern approach that makes his content easily digestible and understandable to the general public.

Most podcast episodes showcase a blend of insightful knowledge and understanding, which is often forgotten among healthcare professionals.

The entire concept of Attia’s alternative medicine approach is that every person’s body is different and has different requirements for health and success.

That said, you are likely to learn plenty of information that will help you in your personal life and tailored advice you can add to your lifestyle.

Men’s health is often overlooked, and if it’s discussed, it usually has to do with muscle building at the most.

This podcast is a refreshing view of men’s health, focusing on the core features of what makes you feel energized and healthy daily.

Sure, there are tips for weight gaining and bulking, but it’s never the central focus of the podcast—health is.

The Drive also features AMA (Ask Me Anything) episodes along with general information podcasts.

In these episodes, you get a deeper understanding of Attia’s unflinching belief in his system and how his innovative thinking replaces the outdated framework of health and liveliness.

Whether you’re a health nutritional coach or simply interested in health and fitness, Dr. Peter Attia’s The Drive podcast is a must-listen.

Things To Remember

With years of experience in the practice of medicine, Dr. Attia has worked hard to earn his space in the healthcare industry.

As such, his advice should be taken seriously, especially if you are ready to start rethinking medicine to live better and longer.

However, there are a few important things to note before you jump head-first into his pool of knowledge:

Advice Can Change

When looking at conversation comments after each podcast, it is easy to see that the content resonates with some listeners and not others.

This is because the idea of nutrition science is a personalized journey.

Even if the advice you read in his book or hear in the podcast applies to most of the general public, it might not relate to you.

As such, this alternative approach to medicine mustn’t replace your standard health practitioner.

Acquire all the tests and results you need from your doctor and combine that with the supplemental education from Attia, widely adapting to your idea of a healthier lifestyle.

Together, they can create a custom-tailored lifestyle to help you slow aging and maintain your overall health.

Can Feel Dramatic

One of the largest critiques you are bound to hear about The Drive is that it tends to feel slightly preachy or dramatic, especially for first-time listeners.

Although Attia tries to maintain inclusiveness, some talks may feel more intense than you initially signed up for.

If this happens, it’s best to differentiate the important tips and topics from the items that could be getting used purely for entertainment value.

Male-Centric Advice

It can be helpful to find a healthcare and longevity plan that focuses on the health of men and women equally, which Peter Attia’s program and podcast seemingly doesn’t.

He focuses primarily on men’s health, which can be beneficial but causes a massive demographic to be forgotten.

Unfortunately, there are very few, if any, woman-focused tips and benefits for readers to enjoy while working through his five-day course or his popular podcast.

Could Be Costly

Peter Attia’s program and consultations aren’t cost-effective for you if you are on a tight budget for professional health care services.

There are two subscription tiers to choose from; one is $19/month, and the other is $149/year, saving you 35% off the total cost.

Within these subscriptions, you will receive podcast notes, members-only AMA sessions, and access to The Qualys, a member-only podcast.

It also includes access to every episode of The Drive and exclusive discounts for certain brands and products.

The final benefit of a monthly or annual membership is access to the Longevity Toolkit and Attia’s weekly newsletter.

If you want to become a patient of Peter Attia, it is said it could cost approximately $90,000/year, but it’s challenging to get on the waitlist for a consultation.

Is the Peter Attia Book the Real Deal?

Even without a medical degree, it’s easy to see how the Peter Attia book Outlive could greatly contribute to your overall health.

It is one of my top book recommendations that takes a deeper dive into alternative medicine for longevity and maintaining a reasonable, healthier lifestyle.

As a fantastic supplemental guide to your existing healthcare routine, it can assist with alleviating many common issues with aging-related diseases and other health concerns.